Issue #70: The People’s Butt

Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? You might want to be careful, because it could be explosive. Or cod. Or both. If you’d prefer to steer clear, come over to our house and we’ll tell you about our new favorite AAA video game, the Screen Actor’s Guild, and wrestling in the ‘90s.

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Issue #69: Sixty-Brine

The Pickle Fair is finally here, and the festivities are in full swing! Tickle my pickle as we discuss everything. Drew brings his general grievances to court, we talk about the perfect Bloody Mary, and we reveal Nate’s deadly sin. Ho boy what an episode!

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Issue #68: Set Sail For Fun

ar me mateys! I just emerged from this salted pork barrel, and I’m ready to hit some theme parks. Who’s with me? T-shirts are on me! It’s a five hour drive on my ship, but we can share some scuttlebutt about souvenir t-shirts, the shelf life of pork, and our favorite comedian’s health condition.

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Issue #67: Chairman of the Paddle Board

Paddle down your boards and don’t be late! It’s time for another episode of Headline Heroes! Listen up as we come to you live from the field with a PSL update, bad video quality, and we get a call from an angry listener.

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Issue #66: Four Thumbs Good, Two Thumbs Bad

Hey how many thumbs do you have? Not two? Perfect. Welcome to the thumb mob. We’re going to war against these here pigs. So thumb up, and listen to our mob training videos, which cover some shitty banter about Rob Schneider, what’s in a cannoli, and all this peanut butter in my books.

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Issue #65: If You Give a Mouse a PIN

Ahh! In the corner! There’s a rat! Get it! Get it! Golly if only there was a rat catching superhero! Well, while we think on that, why don’t you listen to us ramble mindlessly about rat catching long cons, the classic Matthew Broderick film “Mouse Hunt”, and of course Drew’s feature film debut.

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Issue #64: Hot Dog Mojo

Ay, oh whatchu want on your premo 100% beef dog? Keep it snappy I got a line formin’ here! I got all the fixins you could ever want: Keanu Powers: International Neo of Mystery, the danger of Cheddarwurst Chin, and our serial killer scenario that comes to us a little too easily. Also, we’re out of relish. Sorry.

Issue #63: Eyes on the Prize

Come one, come all! Step right up, and let me guess your weight or some shit. This episode is a bucket of fun. Wind up your arm hole, lean on your left toe, and huck that chuck at this here milk thing. Meanwhile, we’re going to talk about our favorite carnival prizes, Tanner’s fight, and Drew’s height.

Issue #62: There’s Your (Zodiac) Sign

I hope you’re hungry, because this episode is all-you-can-hear! With Drew lost in time and space, we had a hot, fresh guest delivered right to our door. Join us as we dig into some egg rolls and discuss movie scene pitches, uncover the Zodiac Killer identity, and reveal what food we could eat a ton of.

Issue #61: How Do You Do, Fellow Kids?

Wuts up you lit fams, who's gucci to dab in this here family friendly dance function? Swell! Thrill ur trill, flip that flop, and save room for Jesus as we text at you some knowledge on The Great Australian Conspiracy, Junkyard Wars, and ;D

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