Issue #103: Bouncin’ Like Blood on the Ice

Alright, first time? Yeah I don’t ski much either but hey I am your instructor. Gee golly there’s a moose bearing down on us! No time like now to learn how to ski. Here’s some instructional videos for you, in which they discuss Nate’s degree, “Sports, No, No”, and saving the Ski Lodge.

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Issue #102: Ladlesville

Alright who’s next. Oh you? Alright, place your tray there and let me pile it high with some good great content. Listen up as we talk about our favorite school lunches, Alaska towns, and, oh yeah Nate’s gone.

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Issue #101: Dalmations

With 100 episodes down, the boys are back with a brand new formula where we basically do that same thing that we did all the other times but with 100% more dalmations. This time we are cleaning house, literally. There was a dirty house, and we create a hero that is going to do something about that. Squeegee off that window and listen as we discuss work foot etiquette, Drew’s horrible silly putty incident, and the stuff that the janitor threw on puke in elementary school. You know? When that one kid vomited everywhere? And everyone was just real upset? Goddamn damn it, Kyle. That’s some real every kid stuff right there.

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Issue #100: I Only Had One Beer!

Do you need anything from the grocery store? We were gonna head over there to grab some snacks, some beer, and THE ONE. Crack open a cold one as we celebrate our 100th episode, reminisce about episodes of the past, and discuss whether the hulk smokes weed. Stay tuned at the end for our own version of an mid-credit scene!

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Issue #99: Is That a Rack of Ribs in Your Pants or Are You Just Podcast to See Me?

Oh oh oh, its magic... you know. Never believe it's not a new episode of Headline Heroes! The boys are back with a couple of tricks up their sleeves, and a few hamburger buns in their pants. Sit back and be amazed as we present how to celebrate our 100th episode, how much doves can carry, and Nate’s favorite magic show.

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Issue #98: Fruit by the Crook

This episode is a little bit sweet and a little bit sour. And the forecast calls for cloudy skies with a chance of skittles. Grab your umbrella out there folks, while we go to commercial. You’ll hear a lot about alternate Thanos plans, the Smash Brother Cinematic Universe, and which fruit would be the best to have for a head.

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Issue #97: Home Alone Automation

While the Drew is away, the boys shall play. This week Nate and Tanner are bringing their homes into the 21st Century by looking back at the famous Disney Channel movie Smart House. Get your house to the next level with our DIY tips about avoiding movie spoilers, the escalation of Home Alone villains, and toilet paper restraints.

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Issue #96: Bees?????????

Was your father a beekeeper? Because it looks like someone put bees in your eyes. Buzz Buzz! Well, we will call 911 for you, but in the meantime let us regale you with Independence Day, the Power Ranger’s ooze, and Tanner’s new wedding date.

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Issue #95: Uber Beats

Hey it’s us, your UberEats drivers. We’re out front with a brand new podcast for you. Oops we think we’re actually in the wrong city, we’ll be there in a flash. But don’t you worry, once we get there we’ll have a piping hot podcast for you with Tanner’s controversial food opinions, strange orders at the drive-thru Q/A, and smashing mailboxes.

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Issue #94: Jingle All the Pray

It’s here at last: Christmas in April! The tree is up, the presents are wrapped, and the mantises are praying. But be careful what you wish for, especially if what you wish for is Camp games, an Ant-man theory, or bug dissection.

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